Fresno CityFest

Fresno CityFest report and Luis Palau greeting

Fresno CityFest was one of the largest collaboration efforts the city has ever seen:
  • Nearly 300 churches united together to bless the city.

  • 45,000 individuals were encouraged and blessed through 50 separate events.

  • Thousands of individuals were trained in friendship evangelism.

  • 3,000 individuals made public confessions of faith in Jesus Christ.

And that's just the tip of the iceberg! Through Fresno CityFest and CityServe, we were able to reach our community in a deep and meaningful way, building bridges for generations to come.

Thank you for being ALL IN!

Some of The Festival Highlights from our Congregation

  • 3 of our grandsons - all siblings 5-9 years old- accepted Jesus! Praise God! - JK
  • 1 of the 3 women I invited to the luncheon came! - TJ
  • Registered counselors and prayed. - Sharon R.
  • Seeing many coming together to reach and guide. - OK
  • Could only attend ladies luncheon, but very moved by the speakers and proud of Fresno and all the hard work put into this event. - CS
  • People actually raised their hands. - TJ
  • 7 non-Christians came to the business & civic leaders lunch and heard the word
  • Praying with a mom and her 3 kids
  • My friend gave her life to Christ! - Bekah Joy
  • I saw many come to faith including a friend we brought! - JV
  • Had the privilege of talking to Sasha and Sofia after they decided to follow Jesus

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