We're Encouraging Everyone to Join a Weekly Prayer Group from June 1 - August 31

We are asking groups to commit to pray together in focused prayer for at least 30 minutes every week. How and when you gather will be determined by the group leaders in accordance with gathering guidelines established by our city leaders. (Grace abounds for vacation or illness, but the hope is that the group prays weekly, even if some are missing.) 

There are three ways these groups will be organized: 

  1. Join an Open Group  (select from list of groups organized by Elders, Deacons or Staff availalbe soon)
  2. Form Your Own Group (gather some folks you know and register your group) 
  3. Repurpose an Existing Group (make this SIP the focus of a group you already meet with regularly and register your group)

Register for an Open Group via MyFPC.

Select From These Open Prayer Group Meeting Day & Time Options | Leaders | Group Start Date

(Since groups have staggered start dates, we recommend you email the small group leader for the meeting details you will need to join their online gathering. Your registration details will not be relayed to group leaders over the weekends.)

If you are Forming or Repurposing your exisiting group, please use this form to Register your group.

The sermon series is about prayer all summer to resource the groups with ways to focus our prayer. This way, every group, though separate, will be praying in unison throughout the summer. There will be resources and support for prayer groups leaders connected to the sermon series. 

We believe God will use our Summer Prayer Project in a big way, in and through us!