Alternative Gift Fair

On the Patio (Weather Permitting) If too cold & rainy, you'll find us in The Hub

Sunday, December 8, 2019 - 9:00am-11:00am (ended)

Would you like to resist the narrative of consumption and do something revelutionary this Christmas? 

We can help you Gift Differently. You can make a contribution that invests in Kingdom Building here in our City or Around the World and wrap the notice of that donation in a beautiful card illustrated by and FPC artist.

We have "gifts" from every continent in the $ 4 - 50 range. Things like: 
  • A Goat for a Family's Income in Ethiopia
  • or Shoes for a Street Child in Brazil
  • or Milk for Children in an Orphanage in Ecuador
  • or Dinner for Women at Evangel Home Here in Fresno

You'll get a gift inserts describing the ministry  to present  as notice of your contribution in your gift recipients honor. Contributions are tax deductible & 100% of your donation goes directly to the ministry. 

Download a pdf version of the Gift List Here. You can also shop online and collect your gift inserts and card at our check out stations or in the church office.

You can still shop Alternatively after the fair by visiting our check out station December 15 & 22 or in the church office during the week. 

Want to know more about the Advent Conspiracy that inspires this gifting differently? Watch this video or check out their website

Here's what Elder Charity Whitney had to say about why she shops our Gift Fair: 

“There are many reasons I love giving Alternative Gifts at Christmas. I love pushing back against the overwhelming consumerism of the season. I love investing in ministries that do so much to transform our city and world. And—frankly—a lot of my family members throw away or re-gift the things I get them anyway! My family already thinks I'm weird, so what do I have to lose by gifting alternatively?”