Margaret McDougal

Deacon Communion

Margaret has been a believer in Jesus since she was a child but never studied His word until she was 48 years old. She says that she “came to Christ” in her first year of Bible Study Fellowship during the study of Mathew in 2001/2002. In her 3rd year of BSF the class moved to FPC. They began to attend FPC in the spring of 2007 after an invitation from a life-long friend and a longtime member of FPC. They were looking for a Bible teaching church and they found that here. They became members in the fall of 2008. She has served in many ways here including VBS, WEBS, Wednesday Nights@FPC. In 2015 she joined the Women’s Ministry Team. She is excited about the future of FPC as a neighborhood church. She has also learned a lot from women here who have been serving for many years. They have so much knowledge and experience to share about what it is to serve Christ. She looks forward to learning more about being a servant of this church from the position of Deacon.