Through our church mission budget we support a number of people and a few organizations who are going out of their way, crossing social, ethnic, religious, linguistic and sometimes even geographic barriers, to share God's love with men, women or children inviting them into a deep relationship of discipleship.

Our Local Mission Partners are crossing those barriers right here in Fresno. Many of them focus their efforts in the neighborhoods right around our church.  Some, like Hope Now for Youth & Bethany Inner City Church, have their offices and church gatherings on the FPC campus.

10/40 Window Mission Partners have gone out of their way to proclaim the gospel in a rectangular band on the globe that lies across Africa and Asia from 10 degrees latitude north of the equator to 40 degrees latitude north of the equator. Most of the unreached people groups are found in this region as was as some of the highest levels of poverty. Many of them serve in what we also call Limited Access areas where missionary actiivty is supressed or illegal.    

Global Mission Partners are serving the cause of Christ anywhere else in the world. Some serve just up the road in Sacramento, others as far away as Africa. Some of them have deep connections to our church members and others had ministry so compelling, we just wanted to be a part of supporting it. 

Evangelical Presbyterian Church Mission Partners are ambassadors for Christ sent through our demonination's Global Outreach efforts. Some are in that 10/40 window and others church planting in San Francisco. 

Coming Soon! Photo Galleries and Links to Parter Mission Agencies.