Dear First Pres,

   This past Sunday morning I preached on Judges 6 when God called Gideon to be the fifth judge of the book of Judges. God shows up while Gideon is hiding in the winepress and gives him a new name, "mighty warrior." But Gideon disagrees with who God says that he is. It's a disagreement that all of us have a tendency to live out in our own lives.
   The Bible teaches us that in Christ we have been given a new name, a new identity. Here are a few of the words that describe that new identity in Christ: Beloved, Forgiven, Chosen, Conqueror, Saint, and called. This is who we are in Christ! But when we disagree with God on this it always gets in the way of what God wants to do in us and through us. So, how are you doing at agreeing with God about who He says you are? If you're struggling with that, I encourage you to begin meditating on Ephesians 1. It's one of the places I've gone again and again to be reminded of who God is and who He has made me to be in Christ. May the Lord use it in the same way for you.
   This coming Sunday is Palm Sunday, but it is also Confirmation Sunday. We'll be welcoming 20 of our 7th - 12th graders into church membership. It's such an important day in the lives of these young people because they are standing in front of the church to declare their faith in Christ and desire to be active members of our congregation. There will be testimony, anointing, baptism, and prayer. You are not going to want to miss this Sunday. I hope to see you there.   


P.S. Don't forget to read ahead for our Judges sermon series. This week's reading is Judges 7.