Dear First Pres,

Last night I visited the Spring Six women's group that's studying 1 Thessalonians, and I had the great joy of hearing the testimony of our hostess who, in her words, "came alive" in Christ at our Women's Conference last fall. She attended because she was invited by a friend from her neighborhood and the rest, as they say, is beautiful history. She told us about a friend at her workplace with whom she is sharing her faith in Christ while the other woman goes through a difficult time. What a great example of a new disciple who's listening to the Holy Spirit, and engaged in Christ's work of making new disciples. You can see why it was an inspiring time together, and I can hardly wait to visit the Spring Six study and discussion groups I haven't been with yet.

     Welcoming and hosting visitors is something we do often, and this season is no exception. Ellis and Rachel White, along with their little ones Evelyn (2) and Ezra (10 months), will arrive Friday afternoon for a two-week stay among our congregation. Ellis is a pastoral intern at Chapel Hill church in Gig Harbor, and is coming to FPC in fulfillment of some of his seminary coursework. He'll be shadowing Jeremy, meeting with the members of our staff and getting a look at how we do ministry here. You'll get to welcome Ellis and his family on Sunday, and will probably see him around and about in the next couple of weeks. Feel free to say hello and engage them in conversation. Thanks to those who have already extended a warm welcome by providing the loan of a car, a "welcome to Fresno" meal, and items that will make the White family's stay in Fresno more comfortable. Ellis and Rachel both hail from England, so be ready to enjoy their charming British accents.
    God is always at work, always redeeming, always initiating and inviting us to join in. It fills me with joy when I get even a glimpse of the many layers of God's good plan that he's carrying out in and for his daughters and sons. Today, look for what the Holy Spirit is doing in and around you. As you do, I pray that you will find more than you expected, and be filled with wonder and praise for our amazing, awe-inspiring God.
To God Be The Glory,
Pastor Lana