Dear First Pres,

Today is the first day of the NFL draft. This is the yearly ritual when NFL teams choose the college players they want to play for their respective teams. It reminds me of two very important teams at FPC Fresno that are nearly formed and ready to do their work.

The first team is the Assistant Pastor Search Team. You might remember the vision we shared at our annual meeting to grow our Community Growth areas of ministry. These include all things adult: women, men, Community Groups, college, young adult, Education Hour, etc. One of the ways we hope to stimulate that growth is by bringing on an Assistant Pastor of Community Growth. An assistant pastor is officially called by the Session (unlike an associate pastor called by the congregation). Still, we asked the Nominating Committee to build an Assistant Pastor Search Team made up of ruling elders and church members to lead the search process. I’m happy to say that we’re very close to having the team in place to begin their work. Our goal is to finalize the search team at the May meeting of Session. Then they’ll be off and running. Please thank God for our Nominating Committee who have been working overtime this year, and pray that God helps them finalize the team.

The second team is our Vision Team.  One of the primary recommendations from Dr. Ken Priddy during our Church Vitality Weekend was to launch a Vision Team who would help lead the congregation forward in Great Commission Vision and Strategy. To be exact, their primary responsibilities (as listed in the G.O.1 Seminar workbook) are to (1) discern God’s Great Commission Vision, (2) develop Great Commission Vision and Strategy, (3) direct the Church through the Great Commission Matrix process, and (4) determine evaluation and accountability for Great Commission results. The team will include one Senior Pastor (me), two ruling elders, and four church members.  I’m happy to report that we’re in the process of finalizing this team as well. Session nominated several folks who are now being asked to serve on this important team. Our goal is to also finalize this team by the May meeting of Session.

So, two important teams are in their final stages of formation. Both of these teams will make a significant contribution to the future of FPC Fresno. Therefore, both of these teams need our prayer support.

Finally, I know that many of you enjoyed hearing on Sunday from my friend Ellis White, a pastor in training from Chapel Hill Presbyterian Church who happens to be British.  Ellis gave a great message, but many of you were captured by his British accent.  Of course, I can never compete with that, but wait till you see what the Grunberg family gave me to help me measure up. I’ll show you on Sunday.