Dear First Pres,

   Have you heard the exciting news? God worked in powerful ways in our community this last week. According to a recent post from the staff of Fresno CityFest, there were over 50 local events that connected with more than 45,000 people in our Valley. And, the Lord drew over 3,000 people to make confessions of faith in Jesus Christ!!! Isn't that amazing? Take a moment and give praise to God.

   I've spoken with many folks this week who were blessed by the various activities. One of them said what I think many of us thought. She said something like, "When people started raising their hands to respond I was surprised. I wasn't expecting it." Sometimes we forget (don't we?) that the news of forgiveness and new life that are offered to us in Jesus Christ is really Good News. And, by the work of the Spirit, when we share it regularly with others there will be some who respond. Of course, not everyone will respond ... but some will ... and whenever anyone repents the heavens rejoice (Luke 15:10).

   God is constantly drawing people to faith in Christ. When we forget that fact, we are much less likely to participate in that work of outreach and evangelism.

   That's why I loved the video we showed in church on Sunday. Did you see it? The main character was out for his daily (I presume) jog. On the way he kept bumping into people who were saying things like, "Thanks so much; I'll see you there." Finally, he figures out that they're people who are anxious to attend worship with him on Easter Sunday.

   I believe there are people who are waiting for you to invite them to church ... or, at least, people who are ready to say "yes" when you do. So, I encourage you. Don't be afraid to invite someone to join you on Easter Sunday; you never know what the Lord has been doing to prepare them for that moment. What better Sunday for them to hear about the One we worship, the Risen and Living Lord Jesus Christ?