Dear First Pres,

What a summer!  I know, I know – summer isn’t officially over yet. But, since my kids are back in school and our Sunday schedule at church is going back to normal, I feel like I can declare that we had a great summer.  Thanks for your flexibility on Sunday mornings. I know you all had to get used to coming at a different time for worship, and that sometimes people were sitting in your particularly favorite pew spot. I know that it could have been confusing that on some Sundays we had classes going for everyone after worship while on other Sundays we wore our sneakers and did something else. I’m grateful that you are a congregation that can roll with that. 

I’m grateful because, in the midst of all “that,” we had some incredibly precious and powerful moments. We were invited onto front yards for prayer during the Love Our Neighborhood day. We worked side by side to make our facility to look its best during the Love Our Church day. We surrounded our schools with prayer and even had the privilege of praying over some teachers during the Love Our Schools day. We engaged with our kids during worship as they learned the theme of the day in an age appropriate way. We enjoyed the gifts of many in our congregation as they shared offertory music and dramas. We prayed with our military veterans for one of our young people as he headed off to boot camp. We learned about activating God space in our everyday lives so that we might effectively and naturally engage others in spiritual conversation. And the sermons taught us how to have Gospel confidence and live available to God. All this, and so much more, happened during our summer. Praise God for His work among us!

Now, it’s time to go back to our regularly scheduled programming. This Sunday morning we have worship at 8:30 and 11. And we have Education Hour at 9:40. But as we go back to the regular schedule, I encourage you to take a few moments to simply reflect on the last few months of summer. What did God do? What are you thankful for? What did you learn? How are you different? And, how will all of that influence the months ahead?