Dear First Pres,
     I wish you were here this week to notice how great our church campus looks. Way to go team! Thank you to the many folks who stuck around after worship on Sunday and participated in our Sneaker Sunday: Love Our Church. People (of all ages) were washing windows, cleaning baseboards, dusting furniture, painting steps, sterilizing toys, and much more ... all while enjoying the fellowship of working together. It was very fun and very effective. God has given us so much. Our campus belongs to Him, but He allows us to steward it for His purposes. I think every person that worked on Sunday will appreciate a little more the gift of our facility and the opportunity to care for it together. If you weren't here, I encourage you to look around and see if you can find some evidence of the good work the team did (see if you can find some new footsteps on their way to class). Thanks, Church. Stop by Facebook to see photo from our hard work.

      Our next Sneaker Sunday is August 14.  After worship on that day we'll be heading out to pray for our local schools.  I hope you'll plan now to participate. Most of us will drive to the various campuses in our own neighborhoods and then walk around the campuses while we pray (prayer guides are in the works). But if it's super hot, you are welcome to stay in your air conditioned car and pray from there (still at the school).  Last year, when we sent groups out from worship to pray for our schools, we had about 25% participation. Let's double that this year! Last year we had some divine appointments while we were praying; imagine if those were doubled this year. Last year we prayed at a portion of the campuses; imagine if we got to all the campuses this year. That can only happen if we get more prayer warriors engaged on August 14. I hope you'll be among them.