Dear First Pres,

Last weekend we launched our Advent season with Psalm 13.  It’s one of those Psalms that reminds us that we are also in a season of waiting. Some of you are waiting on God for some specific thing. But we’re all waiting for Christ to return and make all things the way they should be through His final judgment. So, I encourage you to spend some more time meditating on Psalm 13 between now and Sunday (when we’ll move on to a different Psalm).  And remember, no matter how you feel, God welcomes you into His presence.

I want to highlight three things happening this Sunday:

First, I’ll be introducing some of our new staff members. Please be ready to give a warm welcome to Beth Paz, our new Director of High School Ministries. She started this week, and I just a great report from her first night at youth group. Also be ready to welcome Chris and Lisa Popadich. Chris is our new Director of Community Growth until ordained as an Assistant Pastor over the same ministry area. Chris and Lisa arrived today from Pittsburgh, PA. They are very much looking forward to getting to know their new church family.

Second, Sunday is the start of our Alternative Gift Fair. I encourage every one of you to find some way to engage this discipline of giving gifts in an alternative way. All of us have people in our lives who don’t really need anything from us for Christmas, but we still want to express our love and appreciation for them. The Alternative Gift Fair is a wonderful way to do that. It’ll be set up in the Fellowship Hall during the Education Hour.

Third, after the eleven o’clock worship service the Fellowship Hall will be transformed into a gingerbread house factory. I encourage you to come enjoy the party atmosphere for lunch and gingerbread craftiness. All are welcome. It’s $25 for a family, and $20 for an individual (includes lunch and gingerbread house making kit & supplies). Log in to your MyFPC account to register online.


P.S. One more thing, also during the education hour, I’ll be leading a RAP class in the Hub. If you want to engage in some more conversation about Sunday’s Psalm, please join me there.