Dear First Pres,

The end of Advent is near. As the intensity of preparations for the holiday weekend increase, I pray that your intentionality of considering our hope in Christ increases as well. Even as we see and experience the evidence of such a lack of hope around us, we can be filled with hope because of the faithfulness of God to send the One and Only Son to be God with us. As surely as He has been with us, Christ is coming again. And He is at work now, even today, all around the world, building His Church. Praise God. Christ is our hope.

One of the ways He is building His church is by drawing people to faith in this season of Christmas. Since becoming a pastor, I’ve heard so many stories of people who came to faith after attending a church service on Christmas Eve. So, I encourage you to consider (prayerfully) who it is that you might bring with you to one of our services. I know it’s a family night, but what if God gave you the opportunity to help grow His family. On Sunday we’ll have invitation cards available. I encourage you to keep some with you all the time over this next week and listen for the Holy Spirit’s leading about when and with whom to use them.

And, even if no one is willing to come with you to the services or the Lord doesn’t put anyone on your heart to invite, will you please join me in praying. I know of one family, in particular, that is planning to come who are non-believers. Will you be praying for them, and others like them, that as they walk onto this campus and into our sanctuary that they will experience undeniably the love of God for them? 

Next Saturday night we’ll have more people in our Sanctuary for our worship services than we have on any Sunday (except Easter). Please join me in praying that God uses these services – every part of them – to build His Church among us.