Dear First Pres,

Waiting is hard. Waiting for a loved one to come home, waiting for Christmas morning, waiting for God to do something ... each of these is difficult in its own way. But waiting is especially hard if we don't have confidence that what we're waiting for will actually come into fruition. When I was a kid, waiting for Christmas morning was hard, but at least I knew it would actually arrive on the morning of December 25. That's why I am so grateful for the Lord's promises and His faithfulness to fulfill every promise.
   This past Sunday morning's Scripture, Isaiah 9:1-7, ends with, "The zeal of the Lord of hosts will do this." It is a reminder that there is nothing in this world, or in the entire universe, that can keep God from fulfilling His promises. Praise God! That's why, as people who are in Christ, we always have hope. No matter how dark things seem, even if we're surrounded by utter darkness, we know that a day is coming when Jesus will make all things right. And for those of us who are in Christ by the incredible grace of God, that is really good news.
   In this Advent season, we're reminded of the wait ... the wait for God's Kingdom to come in all its fullness with the return of Jesus. Waiting is hard, but when we wait on the Lord, it actually renews our strength (as we will see in this Sunday's Scripture). We're not waiting for something that is never going to happen. We're waiting for something that will happen because the Lord of Hosts will make it so. So, in that hope, may you live boldly today for Christ's glory - making His Kingdom manifest while you wait for the Lord of Hosts to bring it in full.