Dear First Pres, 

   It's hard to imagine that he is gone. As you've most likely heard, yesterday Billy Graham passed away at age 99. I'm not going to try to write a tribute to him here. Others have already done a wonderful job of that. But last night, as I was trying to explain to my kids the life and significance of Billy Graham, I was mindful of how many people I've met who came to faith at a Billy Graham event. There have been many. I am grateful. Then, at our WednesdayNights@FPC gathering last night as we talked about revival, Oscar Rodriguez made a wonderful comment. He said something like, "When I think about revival on the day that Billy Graham died, I'm hopeful that all the people who put their faith in Jesus through his ministry, but have since fallen away, will be drawn back by God's Spirit today as they hear of Billy's death." May it be so.

   I thank God for Billy Graham. He made an incredible impact. But I imagine, if he were aware of all that is being said about him now, Billy would humbly remind us that he also was a sinner saved by grace. And that all he did was seek to live each day on mission with Jesus using the abilities that God had given him, only by the grace of God.

   That's something that we can do today, as well. We don't have to worry if our impact will be as broad or deep as Billy Graham's impact. The impact belongs to the Lord, not to us. But we can seek to live each day on mission with Jesus using the abilities that God has given us. And, by His grace, God can use us to manifest His redeeming transformation.

   As you thank the Lord for Billy Graham today, may you be inspired to live like he did, in humble surrender to his gracious Savior.