Dear First Pres,

     Hi there! I spent the last few weeks on a family camping trip. It was great! But because of the lack of wi-fi and cell phone service (and since no one was delivering a newspaper to my campsite), I was completely out of the loop on all that was happening in our country these past few weeks. It was surreal to come home and catch up. The Lord continues to draw me to prayer. I'm not sure what He will ask us to do in response to the tension our country is facing these days, but I do know that it needs to be rooted and discerned in prayer. Please join me in praying for God's wholeness in our communities and country.
     And, if you want to see a wonderful counter-story from the mainstream that reflects the transformational Kingdom of God, I encourage you to be in church on Sunday to hear about all that God is doing this week at City Bible Adventure (CBA). What a joy it has been to see this great partnership between FPC Fresno, On Ramps Covenant Church, Hope Now Bible Church, Youth For Christ, World Impact, Martin Park, and Bethany Inner City Church to reach kids with the powerful message of Jesus! Every time I've been on campus during CBA, I can't help but smile. Please join me in praying today (Thursday) and tomorrow for kids to submit their lives to Christ Jesus, and that God would use this tremendous partnership to manifest His Kingdom to the world.

See You Sunday