Dear First Pres,

Clearly, summer is upon us! I know, I know … it isn’t officially summer, but did you go outside today? Have you seen the five day forecast? Summer is upon us, and I love it because summer is a wonderful season for relationships. The pace of life seems to slow down just enough in summer that people get more time to simply be together. So, who will you pursue this summer? With whom will you be intentional about deepening relationship over these next few months? I encourage you to think about people in the church and people outside the church when you answer these questions. One of our core values at First Presbyterian Church Fresno is transformational relationship. My prayer is that this summer will be a time when we can truly live that out. So, let’s use this summer as a season to connect with the people God is putting in our spheres of life. And let’s ask God to use that time and connection to advance His Kingdom. And, stay cool if you can.