Dear First Pres,

  It was truly a privilege to watch the FPC Reformation Church Choir perform across Germany! Over the course of 8 days we bonded as we sang, napped through jetlag, ate currywurst, walked cobblestone streets, and experienced reformation history!
   One of the most memorable moments for me was joining a small German church outside of the city for Sunday worship. The FPC choir blessed the little congregation with beautiful melodies sung from the loft! Although the language might be unfamiliar, I felt kindred in spirit as I held a German hymnal and sat side by side in the pews. When it came time to celebrate communion, I stood to join in the familiar procession to the front of the church. I shuffled through the line and looked into the Pastor's faithful blue eyes as he spoke to me about the body and blood of Christ shed for me - these rituals needed no translation to invoke the meaningful power of the 
Eucharist. I sat and reflected on the beauty of Christians across the globe gathering to remember Christ's sacrifice, and dispersing to be salt and light in our dark world!

     This week, Pastor Lana will be preaching on the Eucharist. I look forward to participating with you in our congregation, and remembering with joy our connection to the global Body of Christ!

The Choir worshipping at one of five concerts; this one at Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church in Breitscheidplatz, Berlin.








Beth Paz