Dear First Pres,

  I've been continuing to stir about Psalm 63 this week. That was text for Sunday's sermon. If you missed the sermon, I encourage you to listen to it on our website. There were some particular points from the text that I thought were important for us to hear. And, if you can't remember what Psalm 63 says, I encourage you to read it again today.

   David starts with these words, "O God, you are my God; earnestly I seek you." What we learn from the Psalm is that a heart of worship is one that is earnestly, passionately, and intensely seeking after God ... not just God's benefits, but God Himself. Having that kind of heart in our congregation starts with putting our faith in Christ and grows by living daily submitted in a relationship with Him. It was David's relational experience with God that gave him such a deep desire for God. So, how are you doing in your daily submitted relationship with Christ? Our relationship with Him is so important because it is in the context of that relationship that we come to know (really know) what David says in verse 3, that God's love is better than life. Remember, when the Scripture calls us to earnestly seek the Lord, that it is only in response to the way that God has earnestly, passionately, and intensely moved toward us in Christ. What good news! What could be better than the covenant faithfulness of God? We experience that covenant faithfulness, His love, in a daily submitted relationship with Him.
   As I was praying this morning, I kept coming back to this prayer for you and me ... for First Presbyterian Church Fresno: may the Lord give us hearts that earnestly, passionately, and intensely seek after Him. But, may those hearts come (the only way they really can come) because of a growing experience and knowledge of God's incredible grace.
What have you been seeking today?