Dear First Pres, 

   First, let's give thanks to God today for the rain He has sent our way. Thank you, Lord! And, with thanksgiving, please join me in asking God to give lots and lots of snow, so that our Valley might get the water it needs in the months ahead.

   Second, there are two important church conferences coming up this month that may sneak past you if you're not paying attention.

  • On March 9 - 10 we are hosting our Men's Conference on the church campus. Yes, that means you get to sleep in your own beds, guys. Still, you can bet that this Friday night and half-day Saturday conference is going to be worth your time. Our speakers are guys from our church (not pastors) who will be talking about what it looks to live as men with courage and commitment in Christ. And, by the way, there will be some hefty competition, as well. Guys, the cost is only $30 and includes 3 meals. Click here to register.
  • On March 16-17 we are hosting a Parenting with Love and LogicWorkshop. The Love and Logic approach has been a huge blessing to Diane and me. If you work with kids in any capacity (parents, grandparents, teachers, youth leaders, etc.), I believe you will benefit greatly from this workshop. The conference runs Friday night through early afternoon on Saturday. It's only $10 per person (includes workbook). I really encourage you to attend. You can get to the registration page by clicking here.

   Third, if you haven't started working on memorizing Matthew 6:5-15, it's not too late. It's not too often that we take on this kind of endeavor as a church, so it may seem a bit strange to you. However, there is great power in a community endeavoring to memorize and live out a particular section of Scripture together. The dream is to be able to recite the verses together on Palm Sunday without having to look in our Bibles for help. Palm Sunday is March 25. So, you've got 24 days to prepare. And remember, while you memorize these verses, take it as an opportunity to ruminate on them as well. Think about how Jesus' teaching on prayer can influence the way you pray. Ask God to help us grow in prayer as a congregation.

   Finally, Easter is one month from today. Will you join me in asking our Father in heaven to show us who we should invite this year to hear the news of and experience the Risen Jesus?