Dear First Pres,

   It's hard to believe that the school year is winding down, and summer is just around the corner. But since it's getting so close, I wanted to let you know about some CHANGES that are happening at FPC this summer.

   For the last several summers we've gone to a single worship service schedule on Sunday mornings. It's been a great way to consolidate resources and get people from both services in the Sanctuary at the same time. However, it also limits the options for people to make it to worship during the summer. So this summer we have decided to continue with two worship services, one that's traditional and one that's contemporary, as we currently offer. This will maintain the distinctiveness of our services and give the most opportunity for people to make it to a Sunday service.

   However, we're changing the service times ... at least, for the second service. Starting on June 10, our traditional worship service will be at 8:30am (yes, that's normal) and our contemporary service will be at 10:15am (yes, that's 45 minutes earlier than normal).

   Why, you ask? Great question. The summer is a special season in the life of our church. It gives opportunity for some things to slow down and for other things to crank up. On the crank up side of things, our Summer Staffers will be working with our Children's and Youth staff to provide a variety of mid-week activities for our kids (Swim Studies, City Bible Adventure, Camp, Outreach Nights, etc.). And, on the slow down side, we will not be offering an Education Hour. There will still be support for our youngest kiddos during the worship services, but there will be no Education Hour.

   So, what happens between services (9:31 - 10:14)? That's another great question! Those minutes between the two services are one of the MOST IMPORTANT things about our summer shake-up. We're calling it "Connect Time," and we're planning for it to be an important time of deepening our connections with one another. There won't be program, per se, but we are working hard to create an environment that's fun and perfect for growing in relationship with one another.

   Do you know that in the last three and a half years we've added 120 new members to our congregation? That's right. So, not only is the "Connect Time" an opportunity for you to chat with an old friend. "Connect Time" is an opportunity for you to get to know some of the new folks in our congregation. In fact, we're counting on it.

   So, in review, starting on June 10 (through August 12) we're switching to our summer schedule on Sunday mornings: 8:30 - Traditional Service, 9:31 (or so) Connect Time, 10:15 Contemporary Service. Our hope is that this helps summer be a season of renewal in energy and relationship.