Dear First Pres,

As you read this, I'm likely in San Diego with the eleven other men from FPC who are participating in our Men's Mexico Build. Tomorrow morning we cross the border and head directly to the work site to begin house building. By Sunday afternoon, God willing, we will have completed the house and the receiving family will be making it a home. Please pray for us this weekend. We are John Ellenberger, Jim Grunwald, Rico Guerrero, Michael Murphy, Wil Murray, Joshua Salven, Matt Shaver, Anthony Sidney, Doug Smith, Keith Walsh, Ben Wiele and Jeremy Vaccaro. Pray that the family receives the house as a tangible expression of God's lavish grace for them through Christ. And pray that the work of the local church in Tijuana is advanced because of our work in their community. And pray that we experience the growth that comes from participating in God's work of redeeming transformation.

     This Sunday, while the Men's Mexico team is putting the final coat of stucco on the house, I hope you'll be in worship. It is Pentecost this Sunday. That means it is a great day to wear red to worship to remember that one of the important signs of the Holy Spirit's permanent residence in the Church was fire. In fact, I encourage you , wear red on Sunday.
     And don't forget to participate in your Community Group that will meet this Sunday evening.  Community Groups exist to help us live out the Gospel together in our neighborhoods. They are not particularly a ministry to the congregation, but they are meant to facilitate a ministry through the congregation. This month's gathering will mark the end of two full years of Community Groups at FPC. I know we have a lot to learn about making them fully effective, but I am so grateful for the way that God has used them to build new connections and stretch our thinking about outreach, evangelism, and our neighborhoods. I believe we are more intentionally engaged in all of our neighborhoods than we were two years ago. Praise be to God.  Many of you have avoided regular participation in your Community Group, but I encourage you to get involved with this intentional effort to participate in God's work.