Dear First Pres,

 Undoubtedly, your mailbox has been filled with the same propaganda as mine. As usual, this time of year brings a lot of energy about particular candidates for local, state, and national offices as well as state propositions. If you're like me, it gets annoying fast - especially, the ads that are dramatically attacking a candidate or proposition. In fact, my temptation is to simply disengage from the whole thing. But, disengagement is NOT what we're about at FPC.
   Do you remember our purpose statement? Our purpose is to engage together in Christ's work of making disciples for the redeeming transformation of our city and world. As FPCers, we don't disengage, we engage. As FPCers we don't become apathetic about our city and world, we pursue the redeeming transformation of our city and world.
   One of the ways we can pursue that redeeming transformation is to prayerfully consider every proposition and every candidate and then vote as the Lord leads. As Christians we don't simply follow a party line, but we listen for the Lord's wisdom.
   So, this morning I began my review of the information guide. I asked the Lord to guide me in my thinking. I asked Him to give me wisdom. This is what I'll do for the next five days. Then, on Tuesday, I'll vote.
   I truly encourage you to do the same while praying as Jesus taught us, "Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven."