Dear First Pres,

At our annual Congregational Meeting for 2018 (way back at the beginning of February), we announced two facility projects. The first was to install solar panels in our parking lot, and the second was to expand and update our Fellowship Hall restrooms.
   As you may already know, the solar project is slowly moving through the approval process with the various agencies needing to sign off on the plans. Of course, we hoped it would be done by now, but we can only eagerly wait for these agencies to do their work. Please join me in praying that God will bring these necessary approvals to fruition.
   However, the big news this week is that the Fellowship Hall restroom project has begun! This, of course, means that in a handful of weeks we'll have a much-improved restroom situation for all the groups that use our campus. Yahoo! But it also means that until then, we'll be in the midst of a construction zone. So, please take a few moments to look at the information posted below about that.
   Finally, please hear me when I say this, thank you for your financial giving. We wouldn't be able to increase our hospitality capacity with improved restrooms if it weren't for the money that you have given. Yes, we're excited about having updated restrooms for ourselves, but one of the primary objectives was to increase our ability to welcome others to our campus. Your financial giving is not only an important part of your own growth as a disciple of Jesus, but it also serves to advance the Kingdom of God (even with something as mundane as improved restrooms). On behalf of the entire Session, thank you.