Dear First Pres,

 On Sunday morning we gave a very quick update on the Fresno CityFest events happening within the upcoming weeks. Please join me in praying forThe Movement. This is the first main event of the CityFest season. It's an event for youth that will feature a Gospel message from Andrew Palau, as well as some great music that I'm sure our kids will enjoy. The Movement happens on Wednesdaynight, October 26 at People's Church. Please pray specifically that our kids (FPCers) will have the courage and compassion to invite their non-Christian friends. These next few days are the prime inviting days. Please pray for them every day this week. Then, please pray that hundreds of kids will be drawn by the Holy Spirit to put their faith in Christ. Finally, we'll be sure to give you an update next week on how God worked.

   The next big event will be the Re:New Gathering on November 17 at 6 p.m. in the Save Mart Center. This is an event for the Church of Fresno/Clovis. Its purpose is to prepare our hearts for the work that God wants to do in and through us during this season of CityFest. I hope every one of you will add this to your calendar. I believe it will be a powerful evening together that will encourage and challenge your heart. It is a ticketed event, but the tickets are free. You can register for tickets online at here. 
   If you'd like to gather with other Christians to begin praying for the CityFest, there is an upcoming prayer gathering on October 27 at 6:30 p.m. hosted by The Bridge, 3438 E Ashlan Ave. I'm planning on being there with members of our Vision Team. I hope you will consider joining us for that.

   And, lastly, our Session and Deacons voted to change our upcoming Benevolence Fund offering to a Fresno CityFest offering. As you can imagine there are many expenses that occur with a campaign as large as Fresno CityFest. Venues, advertising, special artists, and staff all are part of making this campaign happen. It's our privilege to participate by generously supporting this effort with our prayer, time, and finances. The Session has set a goal of $30,000 (that's about $50 per member) for this special offering which will be taken on November 20in worship.

   God is good. And He is at work to build His Church. May we continue to be glad and generous participants.