Dear First Pres,

 Here are three important things for you to know:
   1.  We had a great First Pres Forum on Sunday to describe our new initiative of GO Teams. Many of you were there and heard the wonderful stories that are coming from our first two GO Teams (ministering at Martin Park in the Lowell neighborhood and Fresno State's Greek Row). Pastor Chris and I are working on an executive summary of the Forum for all of our ministry volunteers who were unable to attend. This, of course, will be available for anyone else who wants some more information. In the meantime, you can find a description of GO Teams on our website.
   2. This coming Sunday is Reformation Sunday. This is a day that we intentionally remember our roots. We remember that many of the things we take for granted in our churches today were at the center of costly, ugly, but important reforms made during the Reformation. So, we give thanks for God's grace and faithfulness in building His Church. Plus, for fun, we wear our tartan (or plaid) to remember the Scottish roots of the Presbyterian movement in America.
   3.  It's nearly been two years since Pastor Chris Popadich and his wife, Lisa, came to be part of God's work at FPC. As an Assistant Pastor, he is called by the Session (rather than a congregational vote) and given a defined time period in which to serve the church (as opposed to no defined time period for an Associate or Senior Pastor). As the initial time period is nearing its end, the Session has voted to renew Pastor Chris' call through the end of 2019 pending the expected approval of our presbytery. We are grateful for the work Pastor Chris has done with the Community Growth team and confident it will continue to grow in the coming year.
    See you Sunday in your Scottish garb.