Dear First Pres,

   It’s my joy today to introduce you to a new staff member on our FPC team. Josh Gillispie started this week as our new Technology Director. This is a new position for us, so let me explain it briefly.

   Over the last 8 years we have made significant improvements in the area of technology on our campus. We’ve vastly improved our wifi capacity, added televisions and sound to several rooms, upgraded (big time) the audio and visual equipment in our Fellowship Hall, and equipped our Sanctuary to be a live stream studio. These have been critical upgrades for our facility. 

   As some of you may already know, Allan Knepper has volunteered hundreds (if not thousands) of hours to facilitate these upgrades. So, thanks to Allan and all those who have helped to make these upgrades possible (including the generosity of the congregation).

   The Technology Director position will help us now to utilize our technology to its fullest potential in outreach, evangelism, discipleship and worship. May it be so.

   By God’s grace, He connected us with Josh Gillispie. Josh is married to Tessa, and they are expecting their first baby later this month (please pray for a healthy pregnancy & birth). He is a local guy, born and raised in Clovis, but has always had a particular affinity for downtown Fresno. Before becoming our Technology Director he’s been a barista, a banker, a business owner, and a pastor. 

   Of course, there’s much more to share, so keep your eyes open for additional introductions of the Gillispie family. I trust you will welcome them well into our congregation.

   And, Beloved, I hope this is another reminder to you that we are not taking a break during this season. We are not on retreat. Church has not been cancelled. In fact, we are reaching new people, growing in prayer, repositioning our staff, increasing our digital capacity, loving our neighbors, leaning into partnerships, listening for the Spirit’s leading, and moving forward in faith. May God’s Kingdom come in and through us as it is in heaven.

Pastor Jeremy

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