Dear First Pres,

   "How did it go?" That's the question of the day around the office after last night's launch of Wednesday Nights @FPC. It was, I think, a great start. I'm so grateful for the crew that came early to prepare and serve soft tacos, beans & rice. Grateful for the youth group volunteers who really launched their Wednesday Nights last week. Grateful for the 25 of you who are leading about 57 children through an Experiencing God curriculum these 9 weeks. Grateful to have 101 men and women gathered in the Sanctuary exploring how we might be so saturated in Jesus that we saturate our city (and world) with his glory through the everyday stuff of life.

   I love the daily disciplines of this Field Guide. It's structured so that you interact with the content a little bit every day, Reading, Thinking, Praying, Doing, Resting and Meeting. It's less a book to read and more of a discipleship adventure, increasing our capacity to know who we are in Jesus and discover that we don't have to be missionaries - we GET TO. Yes, we get to let God do through us what he has been doing in us.

   I see this study as another puzzle piece or another thread in the tapestry as we seek to become a Great Commission Church. The Church Vitality Weekend last March, the Activating God Space Class this summer, both the Gospel Confidence and Available sermon series, the Vision Team - all pieces of the puzzle, threads in the tapestry. "We are the people of God saved through the person and work of Jesus Christ for his purposes in the world." (Field Guide, pg 4) Or as Koby Johns often says, "We don't go to church, we are the church."

   I'm grateful for these puzzle pieces, for these threads in the tapestry. More importantly, I trust the one who is putting the puzzle together, the one designing the tapestry. It's God's puzzle, His tapestry. Out of our intimacy and connection with Him, we get to be instruments of implementation, vessels of the living water people are thirsty for whether they know it or not. God has promised to finish the work he began in us. And what he has done in us, he wants to do through us. 

   Shall we let him? 

   Grace & Peace,