We are incredibly grateful for all of you who participated in one way or another in the Fulton Street Party October 21st. FPC was well represented on the volutneer teams as well as in the crowd. Maybe you saw the picture above on Facebook? Have you heard about the folks who offered prayer? Here's the story from Barbara Andrews:


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   Several people from FPC Prayer Team felt that we were to bless our city by walking Fulton Street with our First Presbyterian Church T-shirts on with a “NEED PRAYER?” badge attached. It was our intent to pray with folks that wanted prayer and to pray generally for our city and those who serve in public office. Of course, we were the ones who were blessed
   We experienced divine appointments! Jesus gave us a chance to pray for the sick, the desperate who wanted prayer for their children, immigrant families and to share with an unbeliever the reason for our hope. Our courage was challenged and our faith tested as we asked people if they would like prayer or were asked by people for prayer. The joy that God gave us and people we prayed with was almost tangible.
   Truly, it was a great blessing for us as God challenged us to take the step of faith and trust Him for the results. Our city is surely loved by Jesus Christ and He is doing a great work using His people in so many different ways. PRAISE THE LORD!

   To God be the glory as He continues to teach us how to love Fresno!