City Bible Adventure 2017

by Margie Nunez and Marsha Wilson

 City Bible Adventure was a week of learning and fun as we welcomed 135 children and 83 volunteers here at FPC. These children spent the week learning who Jesus is: The Promised Fulfilled, Our Lord, Our Rescuer, Our Redeemer, and With Us. They also enjoyed dining together, worshipping and praying together, learning Bible stories and truths, getting soaked with water games and dividing into various tribes to explore biblical truths in a variety of learning styles (construction projects, science experiments, drama, sports, jamming with homemade musical instruments, and creating works of art).

   It was our 2nd year of doing this collaborative program for children in the evening in partnership with World Impact, Youth for Christ, Martin Park, On Ramps Covenant Church, Hope Now Bible Church, Bethany Inner City Church and FPC. 

   The greatest joy came on Thursday evening, when 50 children gave their hearts to Jesus for the first time. Let me share with you Marsha Wilson’s account of her experience that evening.

   I was honored all week to be participating in CBA, but this was something that was the highlight of the entire week. During our closing time together in the sanctuary, Miss Daisy Flower, Agent 777 (aka Elizabeth Rooney) talked to the children about things that were serious. She told them that we all need a Savior. She reminded them of the liquid demonstration she did the night before where dirty water (representing our sinful lives) was made clean when Jesus gets poured in. That’s how she explained that Jesus is Our Redeemer, shedding his blood to make our lives clean again. Miss Daisy Flower told the children that we all need a Savior to be forgiven. The children were invited to ask Jesus into their lives and if they wanted to do that, they could take their name cards out of the name tag holders and bring them to the cross. 

   I worked with the preschool children and was sitting with one of the little girls.  As children were going up to put their names on the cross, the Holy Spirit told me to ask this little girl what she wanted to do with Jesus.  So I asked her, then she looked down at her name tag and pulled the card out of its holder. I walked with her to the cross and she taped her name to it. All the children who did this prayed a corporate prayer with Elizabeth, asking Jesus Christ to be their Lord and Savior.

   This is what we prayed and worked for during the week. My prayer for the children who made new or renewed decisions is that they grow in a deep and loving relationship with Jesus, the Son; God, the Father; and are led by the Holy Spirit to share this good news with others