by Geraud Brumfield

   Campus Ministry is the opportunity to walk alongside college students when they need it the most. Sometimes you get to explain the Gospel to someone for the first time. Other times you sit with a student who is wrestling through the nuances of a passage of Scripture. In all of it, I am able to see students  inwho tells you, "I don't believe a book (re: the Bible) can tell a person how to live their life"? You don’t just explain the Gospel - you live it!

   Earlier this school year, Sean, a first-year student on Fresno Pacific's Men's basketball team from Edinburgh, Scotland, damaged his left knee for the third time during a scrimmage in pre-season. He would have to sit out the season that had yet to start. 

   Surgery was inevitable but he had to wait for all the right pieces to fall into place. One Thursday, he and Coach Haydock received the call that the surgery would take place the next day. The only dilemma was that the rest of the team (including the coach) would be on a bus traveling to San Diego to play their first game.

   Coach called me: "Would you be able to pick Sean up from the hospital after surgery tomorrow?" "Absolutely,” I replied. “There's no other place I’d rather be.”

   I have never had surgery. However, when I get the slightest cold I still call my mom. I can only imagine what it feels like to be 19, over 5000 miles away from family, and the people you trust the most are all on a bus doing the exact thing you wish you were doing. So on that Friday, I sat in the lobby of the hospital waiting for Sean. I gave him a get well soon gift, dropped off and picked up his prescription, listened to his stories as he came in and out of anesthesia, picked up Panda Express (his choice), then went to pick up chicken noodle soup - just in case the Panda didn't sit well - and became his crutch into his room.

   I didn't do this for a pat on the back or some recognition from others. I did this because God brought a young man into my life that still hasn't tasted the Kingdom of God. In ministry - honestly, in life as Christians - we get to show the world what it means to follow Jesus. 

   Fast forward to December 22nd, the school year is over Christmas is right around the corner. I knew that Sean's family was visiting the States and they would be visiting San Francisco. So I didn’t even mention our Christmas Eve services. Honestly , I thought he would want to be in San Francisco over Fresno. I was wrong! I received a text message asking if he could bring his family to our Christmas Eve service. I was blown away and immediately shared the news with those around me. Not only did he come to the service with his family, but he also came with another teammate.

   Afterward, we had great conversation about the service while processing all the moving parts. Then I thought, I should not lose another opportunity for an invitation. After getting all the possible roadblocks handled, I invited Sean and 4 of his teammates to join me at Jubilee 2019. He said yes! Can you believe it? I am still shocked! Now, he and 3 of his teammates will be joining as we travel to Pittsburgh, PA for Jubilee. 

   Join me in praying, not only for Sean but the other 11 students who are signed up currently. God has something in store each student and I am here for it! Here's the list of students going to Jubilee:  Alex Ferguson | Allison Betts | Austin Jackson | Bri Koda-Alejandrez | Emilio Aldana IV | Emily Bernal | Izzy Gordon | Jeremy Ray | JR Hancock | Michaela Kimball | Richard Corona | Sean Nealon-Lino