by Meagan Bergem, Director of Junior High Ministries
   Spring Break was a week of service and praising Jesus as 21 Junior High students and 3 adults headed up to Sugar Pine Christian Camp to clear trails, rake up pine needles, cut wood, pick up trash, and whatever else was asked of them.
   14 High School students and 5 adults participated alongside other local youth groups in "Break-Away" camping overnight at People's Church. They served by engaging with students on the playground of Lowell Elementary, cleaning up at Martin Park, planting flowers at Lighthouse Recovery Center, and working in the food closet and thrift store of Catholic Charities. We are excited about the ways God showed up in the lives of our youth, stretching them beyond their comfort zones and creating a real sense of community among them. 
Enjoy these reflections from some of our students on their experiences. 
Georgie Meadors, Freshman, Rooted High School Ministry 
   "I was so glad to attend this Spring Break trip. My favorite part of this trip was bonding with all of the kids at the elementary school we helped out with. I've always loved kids, but these children made me love them even more! God has blessed me with the opportunity to go on this amazing trip; we served at places I never would have thought I would volunteer, like Catholic Charities and the Lighthouse. We did a variety of work that completely changed my attitude towards service. Ever since the trip, I've had a more grateful 
and helping heart."
Rileigh Armstrong, 8th Grade, Ignite Jr. High Ministry  
   "I learned from my experience that when no one else notices your hard work, God sees your effort. God is pleased when we do work for His glory and kingdom. I also saw the importance of working with my Christian friends and community because God finds joy when we come together to work to bring Him praise. I learned that it is so much more rewarding to see the work we had done that will help others and knowing it was done for God. I look forward to applying this experience to school, my friend groups, and my sports teams by leading by example and being a quiet leader for God's glory and not to please man."


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Kate Vaccaro, Freshman, Rooted High School Ministry 
  "I experienced God through the worship. At the beginning of the week, it was overwhelming; the lights, loud music, crowds and fog machine was too much. Eventually, once I learned the songs, I would run up to the front with my friends and sing with full hearts. I felt pure joy during and after the worship."
Claire Predmore, 8th Grade Ignite Jr. High Ministry
  "I learned that God wants us to serve him in all ways without complaining and that 'I am a gift' and God put me, and all of us in this world for a reason, and we should use our gift to serve God. God is praised for the service we perform, so we should serve Him with our whole hearts and souls. I learned that we are stronger together. My experience taught me lessons on how to be more committed as a disciple, such as 'do everything without complaining or arguing,' and 'throw off anything that hinders me.' I can apply this at school, where I should not fall into gossiping with friends, and this verse can lead me to friends who don't make poor decisions."