How are you holding up? As we face what this crisis is revealing about us and to us, I'm noticing lots of different coping and caring responses. Some are sewing masks, others are baking or writing or cleaning or gardening or creative zooming. I saw Bekah's posts on Facebook and asked her to send me the story so I could share with you all. If you have a story to share, please send it to Terry Jaurena at

Sidewalk Chalk Art

by Bekah Hanson

   Drawing fun messages on my front sidewalk has been an enjoyable creative outlet for me during this time of sheltering in place. My goal is to bring some levity to my neighbors’ quarantined lives as they go on regular sanity walks with their dogs, spouses and kids. When the God-given rain washes the chalk away, I think up something else to write and draw. I try to keep the content fresh for my audience.

   I started with encouraging messages of hope and the power of perseverance. My second theme was funny quotes, particularly from my favorite sitcoms, The Office and Parks & Recreation. This third round I’ve listed out times in history and life when people, animals or things are confined into a small space for a long period of time. This was a fun list to put together, and the activity has helped me realize that in the scheme of time we’ve only been quarantined for a little blip. 

   After my work is done, I sit back and watch my neighbors walk by and make comments about what they read. I love to hear them laugh with one another. A few weeks ago when I was out drawing a neighbor said to me, “I can’t wait for my walk tomorrow!” That made my heart smile.

  I encourage you to get out there and write or draw on your sidewalk. It doesn’t have to be pretty or super creative. Any message of hope or laughter will delight our weary communities. If you’re having trouble thinking of an idea, feel free to email me and we can brainstorm together.

   Happy Creating! 

(Here's a link to the chalk Bekah recommends.)