Michele Cooper

Elder Serving with Community Growth
Michele has been a member at FPC since 2006. She spent her early years in Fresno and her family was activity involved in the life of this church. Her father’s mid-career call to ministry moved them to Seattle and then Texas. She returned to Fresno (and FPC) in preparation for her marriage to Peter in 2005. They have three sons: Jack, Bennett and Griffin.

Carole DuPertuis

Clerk of Session, Elder Serving with Mission

Carole has been attending FPC since 1975. She has been married to her husband Dennis since 1976 and they have two adult children. Her father is also a member of FPC. She considers it a privilege to be one of the Mission Elders serving on Session. She is excited to be part of the team of FPC, and excited to see what God has planned for our church and for herself personally. 

Jamie Franklin

Elder Serving with Christian Education

Jamie has been attending FPC since 1981. He and his wife Mindy have three kids. Their daughter Hannah is married to Donald Norman, their daughter Rebekah is married to Tyler Hanson, and their son Lucas is married to Amelia. He looks forward to continuing to hear and experience testimonies of God's creative, redemptive plan manifest in and through FPC.

Michael Galbraith

Elder Serving with Christian Education

Michael began attending FPC in 1977. He has been married for over 40 years and has one daughter and two granddaughters. He is motivated to serve the church as an Elder with Christian Education because, having teaching experience for over 16 years, he knows how important education is. Michael believes that the management work of our Christian Education Elders is very important as we educate future generations about Jesus and God's work. 

Bekah Hanson

Elder Serving with Community Growth
Bekah has been attending FPC since childhood. She is married to Tyler Hanson. An FPC "lifer”, she has been an active participant in this congregation since childhood. She currently participates in the worship team and serves as an advisor for the high school youth group. She is excited about working with the community growth team in evolving the culture of our church to be evangelism focused and outwardly minded.

Carolyn Johnson

Elder Serving with Outreach

Carolyn began attending FPC in 1968 and became a member in the 8th grade. She has a Bachelor's Degree in Health Care Management Planning and worked at Saint Agnes as a health care recruiter for 30 years. She and David have been married since 1989 and they have two children. Their son, Pace is a graduate from UC Berkeley and is now living in Fresno. Their daughter, Annie graduated from college in North Carolina May, 2016. Her mother Jane Willey, lives at Fairwinds and is a long time FPC member. Her sister Sara is married to the son of Paul Peirson, past FPC senior Pastor. They reside in Las Vegas, Nevada. FPC has been Carolyn's family and home her whole life. She believes it is a privilege to serve and encourage one another, keeping her eyes on Christ so she can share Jesus and His saving power that motivates her. 

Allen Jones

Elder Serving with Facilities & Grounds

Allan Knepper

Elder Serving with Facilities & Grounds

Allan grew up attending church with his family in Tarkio, MO. He deepened his commitment and asked Christ to be Lord of his life while in a college group called Seekers (after Matt 6:33). He has been a member of FPC since 1978. He and his wife Barbara have two grown sons: John and Zechariah. Allan’s vision is to see our church become a light for Jesus and a place (physically and virtually) that Jesus uses to redeem the world and people who don’t know Him yet. He would also like to see our church be a place of caring and hospitality to whoever shows up at our door or in our lives.

Dick Lee

Elder Serving with Personnel

Dick has been attending FPC sinse 1978. He is married to Kim. They have two sons, Scott and David, and two grandchildren. Most of their friends attend FPC. The community at FPC has become like family to them. They have worked with youth and taught Sunday School almost the entire time they have been here and have enjoyed getting to know many of the FPC families through that connection. 

Marty Martin

Elder Serving with Community Growth

Marty began attending FPC in 1985. He is married to Joanie and they have two adult sons, Gabe and Josh who grew up at FPC. Marty hopes to see personal and corporate growth while serving as a ruling elder. 

Donald Norman

Elder Serving with Outreach

Donald has been attending FPC since 1991. He and his wife grew up at FPC, which means that they have been participating in the life of the church for more than 20 years. He is motivated to serve on session durring this season because he has a desire to see a truly vibrant culture of outreach and evangelism grow at FPC.

Scott Norvell

Elder Serving with Worship

Scott has been attending FPC since 2004. He and Wendi have been married since 1985. They have three children: Luke and his wife Valerie, Chris, and Kaylene. They also have a granddaughter, Amanda. As he serves alongside the other Elders on session, he hopes to discern the will of Jesus Christ for our church as we become a great commission church, proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ to those who have yet to respond. 

Ronnie Samuelian

Elder Serving with Nominating Committee

Ronnie was raised in the church and has been attending FPC since 1972. He is married to Kelli and they have three children, Devon 16, Taylor 13, and Hudson 10. Many servant leaders of this church have mentored, encouraged and challenged him. He is excited for what lies ahead for our church, is looking forward to learning, and hopes that he can contribute to how we grow and serve.

Shiela Skibbie

Elder Serving with Worship

Shiela has been attending FPC since 1999. She has been married to Steve Skibbie since 1995 and has two children, Katie and Weston. Steve plays guitar for the FPC worship team and they both lead a small group Bible Study in their home for young adults on Sunday evenings. She serves because it is one of the many ways that she experiences God's word in her life. As she serves, she says that she gets to see the body of Christ in all of its glory (and messiness!).

Laura Spongberg

Elder Serving with Personnel

Laura has been attending FPC since 1992. Her mother, Val, attends FPC. She is motivated to serve as an Elder serving with personnel because our staff does a great job and she hopes to be able to support them. 

Anita Ullner

Elder Serving with Christian Education

Anita has been attending FPC since 2005. As a Christian Education Elder, she looks forward to seeing how God continues to work as she seeks His will in equipping youth and children to be Christ's hand extended.

Charity Whitney

Elder Serving with Missions

Charity attended FPC from fourth grade through high school, when she was involved in the youth leadership team under Greg Ehlert. She also sang in the worship band. Attending college and law school out of state, she completed her education in 2012. She and her husband, Ian, returned to Fresno and FPC. She has been involved in the Chancel Choir. They like to open their home to bible studies and Community Group when they can. She has recently joined the Mission Ministry Team. She is especially looking forward to being part of a team that is tangibly supporting God's transformative work in the urban core of Fresno.

Benjamin Wiele

Elder Serving with Community Growth

Ben has been attending FPC since 2012. He was referred to our church by friends and a random passerby in Starbucks – seriously! He and Ashley have been married since 2010. They have one son, Cooper, and are expecting a daughter in the spring of 2017. Ben serves because he understands the vital role church leadership plays in the life of the community and is honored to explore what that role means for him and his family.

Billie Jo Amato

Deacon Serving With Meals Support
Billie Jo has been a member since 1984. She is married to Bob Amato. Her daughter Esperanza Powell is also a member of First Pres and her grandson Bryce Powell was baptized here as well. She says that God has blessed her in many ways and she hopes that by serving as a Deacon, she will have opportunities to be a blessing to others in my church family.

Bob Amato

Deacon Serving With Memorials

Bob has been attending FPC since 1996. He has been married to Billie Joe since 1999. He says that he is motivated to serve because "Jesus, my Lord, came to serve; I wish to follow His example". 

Karon Chambers

Deacon Serving with Memorials

Karon has been attending FPC since 1983. She has two daughters, Nicole Cotton and Dena Harris, and six grandchildren. She is a recent widow as she lost her husband to cancer in March of 2015. She and Paul had been married for 50 years. She has many wonderful memories of their life together. The Lord has gifted her with the desire to bless those who are mourning, ill and/or are in difficult circumstances. There is a sense of honoring the Lord when she is able to provide a meal, work on a memorial or visit someone. The Lord has comforted her countless times using members of FPC to bring comfort and to pray for her. She feels honored to have the opportunity to pass on comfort and prayer as a Deacon serving with Memorials. 

Shelly Coburn

Deacon Serving with Memorial Receptions

Shelly has been attending FPC since 1944. She has been married for 50 years with three children and seven grandchildren. Shelly is a teacher, a mentor for FPU, and a swimmer. She is motivated to serve FPC as a deacon by her desire to serve those who are grieving. 

Dennis Du Pertuis

Deacon Serving With Love INC - Food Closet

Dennis has been attending FPC since 1974. He and his wife Carole have been married for 42 years. They have two sons-Philip and Bryan who were raised in FPC. He wants to give his service to God by being part of this church in whatever way He shows him. 

Jim Ellis

Deacon Serving with Transportation

Jim began attending FPC in 1995. He is married to Anne Ellis. They have two children, Robbie and Janie. Jim is motivated to serve FPC as a Deacon by his desire to help the body of Christ, and to expand his relationships in the church. 

Peter France

Deacon Treasurer, Serving with Communion

Peter has been attending FPC since 1982. His is married to Jamie who has worked at St. Agnes hospital for 40 years. He serves FPC as a Deacon as a grateful response to Jesus' kindness to him. 

Chester Goodale

Deacon Serving With Prayers Ministries

Chester has been attending FPC since April of 1997. He is married to Julie and they have three kids; Stephen, Caleb, and Sarah. He believes that the desire to pray is Holy Spirit given, and that having a heart for prayer is as much caught as taught. He hopes to see people at FPC grow in having a heart for prayer!

Charlene Henry

Deacon Serving with Communion

Charlene has been attending FPC since 2012. Sheila and Steve Skibbie are her daughter and son-in-law, and Katie and Weston are her grandchildren. She is motivated to serve FPC as a Deacon by her love for the Lord and the desire to get to know more of her brothers and sisters in Christ. 

Marianne Lee

Deacon Serving with Meal Support

Marianne has been attending FPC since 1986. She feels God is leading her in new directions and she is trying to be obediant to His call. She hopes to deepen her relationship with our Lord and give glory to God serving as a Deacon.

Paula Lloyd

Deacon Serving as Care Coordinator

Paula began attending FPC in 1969. She married Dean Lloyd here at FPC and raised their two daughters in the church. Their grandchildren now attend with them. By serving as Deacon she wants to serve others in the church and looks forword to growing in her faith. 

Margaret McDougal

Deacon Serving With Communion

Margaret has been a believer in Jesus since she was a child but never studied His word until she was 48 years old. She says that she “came to Christ” in her first year of Bible Study Fellowship during the study of Mathew in 2001/2002. In her 3rd year of BSF the class moved to FPC. They began to attend FPC in the spring of 2007 after an invitation from a life-long friend and a longtime member of FPC. They were looking for a Bible teaching church and they found that here. They became members in the fall of 2008. She has served in many ways here including VBS, WEBS, Wednesday Nights@FPC. In 2015 she joined the Women’s Ministry Team. She is excited about the future of FPC as a neighborhood church. She has also learned a lot from women here who have been serving for many years. They have so much knowledge and experience to share about what it is to serve Christ. She looks forward to learning more about being a servant of this church from the position of Deacon.

Kim Peltola

Deacon Serving as Care Coordinator

Kim has been attending FPC since 2002. She is married to Dave and they have an older son Adam and a younger daughter Katie. She hopes to grow in Christ as she serves and to reach out and grow in her relationships with others within the church. 

Debby Rader

Deacon Secretary, Serving With Care Coordinator, and Communications

Debby has been attending FPC since 2011. She has a daughter, Bethany Rader. Her extended family is Brian and Lana Roberts, Brandon and Sarah Roberts and the boys, and Kaylan Roberts. She has been in ministry since she was in her 20's and has served the Lord throughout her teaching career. She is motivated to serve FPC as a Deacon by her sense of responsibility she has to the Lord to serve Him in whatever way she can, even in her retirement years. 

Mike Rader

Deacon Serving in Transportation

Mike has been attending FPC since 2011. He and his wife Debby have one daughter, Bethany. He has always been involved in service. He believes Christ demonstrates serving others in both His words and His actions. 

Doug Smith

Deacon Serving with Love INC/ Food Closet

Doug has been attending FPC since 1996. He has been married to Suzanne since 1987, they have three daughters who are all teachers. He is self-employed as a CPA. He is motivated to serve FPC as a Deacon by hes desire to give back to the church and community the things that he has received from them.

Suzanne Smith

Deacon Serving with Meal Support

Suzanne has been attending FPC since 1996. She has been married to Doug, who is a self-employed CPA, since 1987. They have three daughters, who are all teachers, and two son-in-laws. Now that her kids are grown, she feels that she has the time to give back to the church and serve. 

Cindy Sterling

Deacon Serving with Meal Support

Cindy has been attending FPC since 1992. She is married to Kurt Sterling. They have three boys, DJ, Nick, and Chris. She is motivated to serve as a Deacon by her love for being a part of the church, extending tangible care and support to our congregation and community.