I’m so glad you’re here! It’s my joy and privilege to serve as the Mission and Outreach Director at FPC. A few years ago I discovered this prayer and it’s become a motto for us,

"We are happy to be your children, Oh Lord; make us happier still to extend the table.”

We hope to help all of Christ’s followers here at FPC find ways to engage in extending the invitation to God’s great banquet table. Some of those we hope to invite will be close friends, family members, coworkers or neighbors. Others will not be invited unless we go out of our way - risk crossing social, cultural, language and maybe even geographical barriers to extend Christ’s invitation. We want to help all God’s blessed followers find ways to live into God’s desire that we also be a blessing.


Terry Jaurena


Here at FPC, we have both a Mission Ministry Team and an Outreach Ministry Team helping to lead and encourage our efforts at extending the table. 

Mission Ministry Team's Purpose Statement: We believe growing in Christ involves finding your place in the grand adventure of seeing the gospel planted, taking root and growing in every people group God created. Taking this gospel across all kinds of barriers is the task Christ gave his first disciples. Since the task is not completed, we seek to discover our part of the task and to be faithful to it in our lifetime. We work together to:  
  • Care personally for mission partners and seek to provide financial support through the church budget process
  • Help all ages of our congregation grow in what they know about missions in general & our missionaries specifically
  • Encourage & promote personal involvement in mission experiences, local or global, by all ages of our congregation

There's room for you at the Mission Ministry Team Table!  We currently meet the 4th Tuesday of most months at 7 pm off campus in various team member's homes.

The Purpose of our Outreach Ministry Team is to provide opportunities for the congregation to effectively reach out to our downtown Fresno neighborhood, our own spheres of influence (personal neighborhoods and workplaces), as well as to the greater Fresno community, and to equip church members to easily “tell their story” when the opportunity arises. 

There's room for you at the Outreach Ministry Team Table!  We currently meet mid-day during the week, with a less regular schedule.

Please contact Terry Jaurena if you're interested in participation on either of these ministry teams or their projects.