Welcome to Adults ministries. We long for every person to be found in Christ and to live out Christ’s call. We do that by working together to seek Christ, experience His love, and grow in His grace.


9:40 Education Hour

Participating in the Sunday Education Hour @ 9:40am is a great way to deepen your connection with Christ and the community as well as your understanding of what it means to follow Jesus. Follow the links to find what's offered during this hour for children, junior, or senior high students. Here are the details for the classes, seminars or workshops for adults.  

  • Newsweek Conversation in The Hub | January 5 - 26 | With a spotlight on "the news" and living our faith in our current context, Jamie Franklin will guide us through a timely discussion, as we explore ways to live faithfully in today's world. 

  • In-Depth Bible Study: Galatians in The Corner | January 5 - February 16 | The cadre of retired Presbyterian pastors worshiping here at FPC are taking us through an in-depth study of the epistles of St. Paul starting in Galatians. This Adult Education class consists of teaching, personal study, discussion and application of God's Word lead by a different retired pastor each week. All are welcome to join at any point in the series. Bring your Bible and questions.

  • R.A.P. Class in The Commons | January 5 - April 5 | Come Reflect, Apply and Pray through the Book of Mark following Sunday's sermon series text. Facilitated by Jeff Rooney and Scott Mozier.


Men's Ministries

At FPC we take Men seriously. Discipleship (D-Groups), fun "men-sized" fellowship (around a barbecue, a ballgame or a service project), mission trips and informal gatherings are just some of the ways we grow men into the image of The Man: Jesus. Experience what it means to be a real man. FPC Men, Better Together in Christ.

Men's Breakfast

January 16, Fellowship Hall, 6:30 - 7:30 a.m. Arrive anytime after 6:15 a.m. Join us for a satisfying breakfast, great fellowship and excellent speaker, Dr. Jay Pope, who will be sharing about his recent mission work in the Middle East. Be encouraged in this monthly faith booster for Men@FPC. Suggested Donation, $5.

Opportunity to Respond

Men, are you interested in a discipleship group, a small group Bible study or possibly a Mentor/Mentee relationship? Make your interest known here




Women's Ministries

We're so glad you're checking into Women's Ministries at FPC. Whether you're interested in a weekly study, a women's conference, or a whole-church study, we aim to provide growth, fellowship and discipleship opportunities for all women. 


Morning Glory - Start your day off with a light breakfast and time in fellowship and study of God's Word in this in-home women's study. New later start time: 8:00 a.m. Note: Morning Glory will be taking January 28, 2020 off. Please check with the church office for next meeting date.


Women on Wednesdays - Facilitated by Elizabeth Rooney, 6:30 - 8pm, February 5 - April 1 in The Hub. (Note: We will join with the rest of the church 7pm, Wednesday, February 26 for the all-church Ash Wednesday service.)


Thursday Morning Women's Bible Study - Studying Jen Wilkin's God of Creation, 9am January 9 - March 12 in The Hub.



GO Teams

GO Teams are to a particular people in real community with shared commitment for the purpose of growing disciples.

  • To a Particular People: This allows us to do the intentional work of building sustainable relationships with those outside our church.

  • In Real Community: We are better together. Jesus sent his disciples out 2 by 2 in Luke 10, Acts 4:32, Romans 12:3-8, Hebrews 10:24-25. We are better on mission together, better as disciples together.

  • With Shared Commitment: Teams function best when they are confident their teammates are fully committed, and when they know they can count on each one being present.

  • For Growing Disciples: This is a lifelong process of leading people to increasingly submit all of life to the empowering presence and lordship of Jesus Christ.

How do we GO?

Go Pray Together: Before we go, we preemptively pray together. There is an ever-present culture of prayer in and among a GO Team because they believe for anything to happen. It is up to God. They have a shared vision and trust that God's timing, direction, and door-opening action are critical to ministry success.

Go Serve Together: We go with servant hearts. Teammates are looking outwards to the needs of others, prayerfully seeking practical ways to serve both those on their team as well as those in their mission field.

Go Disciple Together: There is an ever-present desire in all GO Team members to grow in submitting their lives to the lordship of Jesus Christ through the empowering presence of the Holy Spirit and inviting others to do likewise. Group members intentionally spend time helping each other grow in Christ and live according to their Gospel identity. GO Teams also focus on helping others come to faith in Jesus and grow as disciples of Jesus.

Eat Together: When we go, it makes us hungry. GO Team members share life together: sharing meals together, studying the Word, celebrating joys and listening to each other’s stories, offering words of blessing and playing together, too. This is life in a GO Team in which each member from infant to centenarian is valued and vital.

Here's a list of Current GO Teams.

Contact Mindy Franklin to discuss next steps for an FPC GO Team.