Welcome to Adults ministries. We long for every person to be found in Christ and to live out Christ’s call. We do that by working together to seek Christ, experience His love, and grow in His grace.

Sunday Education Hour

Invest an hour in your spiritual growth 9:40 each Sunday morning. Choose from among the options below.

Bible Study: The Book of John

August 19 - December 23*: The Corner
With The Cadre of Retired Pastors

Join our retired Presbyterian pastors as they continue an in-depth study of the book of John. Consisting of teaching, personal study, discussion and application of God’s Word, this class will be led by a different retired pastor each week. Bring your Bible and questions.

*Will join First Pres Forum in The Fellowship Hall on October 21.

Discipleship Group Primer

September 9 - December 16: The Fellowship Hall
With Pastor Chris Popadich and Pastor Jeremy & Diane Vaccaro

All of us want to grow in Christ with others, but finding the time can be very difficult. This class aims to eliminate that stress by offering Discipleship Groups for men and women during the Adult Education hour. (Parents remember there is child and youth programing for kids 0-18.) Invest in your spiritual life through a small group setting.

Partner Spotlight

September 9 - October 7: The Hub
Different Mission Partner Focus each Week

Six week series providing a great opportunity to hear from and pray for mission partners or members in the congregation who have traveled with a ministry purpose. These 6 weeks you can travel to Asia, downtown Fresno, India and El Salvador just by walking into The Hub. 

  • September 23 we'll hear from & pray for FPC folks who are involved in the work of Witnessing Ministries of Christ in India. This includes Allan Knepper, Marcie York, Rhonda Pope, John Goodell and Rachel Savage. 
  • September 30 we'll hear from & pray for the Pink House co-directors, Jessica Mast-Foss and Sarah Micu along with some of this year's residents. 
  • October 7 we'll hear from & pray for Ivan Paz whose recent travels were used by God in a unique and powerful way. 

Exploring Membership @ FPC

October 14 - November 18*: The Hub
With Rev. Jeremy Vaccaro

We believe church membership is an important step in a lifelong process of growing as a disciple of Jesus. Membership means participating in what God is doing among this community of faith: worshiping, growing, and serving others, all for God’s glory. Explore membership and the faith, purpose and foundations of our church.

(Note: Also offered in a two-week format the afternoons of Oct 21 & Nov 4.)

*Will join the First Pres Forum in The Fellowship Hall on October 21.

First Pres Forum

October 21: The Fellowship Hall
With Pastor Jeremy Vaccaro

Pastor Jeremy will be sharing about new opportunities for us as a church to grow in our mission of “Engaging together in Christ’s work of making disciples for the redeeming transformation of our city and world.”

Gospel Fluency

October 28 - November 18: The Commons
With Various Teachers

Learn to fluently speak the Truths of Christ into the everyday stuff of life as you are transformed by the Gospel. Gain with others the ever-increasing fruit of the Spirit in your life. (See Galatians 5)

Prophecies Fulfilled

November 25-December 16: The Commons
Dr. Steve Varvis

The prophets wrote of the coming Messiah hundreds of years before Jesus came to earth. In this four week series, we will engage Old Testament prophecies of the coming Messiah and how they were fulfilled in Jesus.

Men's Ministries

We've planned a few events to kick off our Fall season.

SEPTEMBER 15 - Men’s BBQ &  Ballgame!

One of our men will host us as we watch the Fresno State Bulldogs vs UCLA game while chomping down on some great BBQ! Register via MyFPC

OCTOBER 18 - Men's Breakfast

Join us for a great breakfast in the FPC Fellowship Hall. Doors open at 6:15 with coffee and breakfast at 6:30. We will send you out by 7:45. Cost is $5. Registration on MyFPC will be available soon. And we'll have some Sundays prior to for you to sign up on the lawn. 

Women's Ministries

We're so glad you're checking into Women's Ministries at FPC. Whether you're interested in a weekly study, a women's retreat or conference, or a whole-church study, we aim to provide growth, fellowship and discipleship opportunities for all women. 

Weekly Bible Study Opportunities
Women's Conference

WoCo 2018 is a great way to get to know others and grow Deeper in the Lord! - October 5-7, Wonder Valley Ranch Resort.      

GO Teams

Go Teams are to a particular people in real community with shared commitment for the purpose of growing disciples.

  • To a Particular People: This allows us to do the intentional work of building sustainable relationships with those outside our church.
  • In Real Community: We are better together. Jesus sent out 2 by 2 in Luke 10. Acts 4:32. Romans 12:3-8. Hebrews 10:24-25. Better on mission together. Better as disciples together.
  • With Shared Commitment:  Teams function best when they are confident their teammates are fully committed and can count on them being present.
  • For Growing Disciples: This is a lifelong process of leading people to increasingly submit all of life to the empowering presence and lordship of Jesus Christ.
How do we GO?

Go Pray Together: Before we go we preemptively prayer together. There is an ever-present culture of prayer in and among the team because they believe for anything to happen, it is up to God. They have a shared vision and trust that God's timing, direction, and door-opening are critical to ministry success.

Go Serve Together: We Go with a servant heart. Teammates are looking outward to the needs of others, prayerfully seeking practical ways to serve both those on their team as well as those in their mission field.

Go Disciple Together: There is an ever-present desire in the Go Team to grow in submitting their lives to the lordship of Jesus Christ through the empowering presence of the Holy Spirit and inviting others to do likewise. Group members intentionally spend time helping each other grow in Christ and live according to their Gospel identity. Go Teams also focus on helping others come to faith in Jesus and grow as disciples of Jesus.

Eat Together: When we Go it makes us hungry. Go Team members share life together: sharing meals together, studying the Word, celebrating joys and listening to each other’s stories, offering words of blessing and playing together too. This is life in a Go Team in which each member from infant to centenarian is valued and vital.

Contact Pastor Chris Popadich to discuss next steps for an FPC GO Team.