Welcome to College Ministries at First Presbyterian Church, Fresno! We are proud to partner with the CCO (Coalition for Christian Outreach) in transforming college students to transform the world. First Pres hopes to create a space for college aged students and young professionals (18-24) who are looking to connect with others in similar stages of life. 

Through Sunday morning gatherings, weekly Bible studies, monthly meals with families in the church, we have places that students and young professionals can feel a sense of personal belonging, rich connection, and deeper understanding of the Gospel.

The Gathering 

It happens weekly after church lunch for college aged & young adults in Fresno! We invite you to bring a friend and come be a part of community, conversation, and fellowship.

Stay alert about the start of the Gathering in fall 2019!

Any questions? Contact Geraud Brumfield.

Bible Studies

If you are in college or college aged, you are invited to attend weekly Bible studies this summer

Ronnie & Kelli Samuelian's home | 5 - 7pm | The Book of Ephesians

More times and locations will be added to accommodate more students' schedules. If you have a suggestion for a time or location, please contact Geraud Brumfield.

CCO Partnership

Believing that tomorrow's local, national, and world leaders are at the college and university of today, FPC is excited to be in a partnership with the college campus ministry organization, CCO. The CCO calls college students to serve Jesus Christ with their entire lives.

As a college campus ministry they are distinct in three ways:

  1. They develop students to be passionate leaders who serve Jesus Christ in their studies, jobs, communities, and families.
  2. They serve together with the church, inviting students into the lives of local congregations.
  3. They design each ministry to fit the needs of every campus they serve.


  • All things belong to God.
  • Jesus changes people's lives.
  • We love college students.
  • We embrace God's multiethnic Kingdom
  • Faithfulness is pursued together.
  • We celebrate life.

Special Events