IGNITE Jr. High Ministry

WELCOME to IGNITE - We desire for Jr. High Students to become disciples of Jesus who IGNITE their faith to pursue deeper relationship with Him and fully surrender their lives to worship God.

“Therefore, since we are receiving a kingdom that cannot be shaken, let us give thanks, by which we offer to God an acceptable worship with reverence and awe; for indeed our God is a CONSUMING FIRE.”  (Heb. 12:28-29)

Our Philosophy of Ministry

As a part of a Great Commission Church, IGNITE Jr. High Ministry’s desire is to equip students in Basic Bible and Discipleship. Helping students build a solid foundation of understanding the Bible and how to discern what truth is in their daily lives. We value being others focused and challenge the youth towards Outreach and Evangelism. It is our prayer that students will grow in their relationship with Jesus and Surrender their whole life to God. Our hope is Jr. High IGNITE is a safe place to belong, be known and ultimately realize you are fully loved by God.


Parent Information

Equipping and supporting Jr. High parents is important to us. We know the impact of our ministry would be greatly limited without partnering with parents. Parents are the primary influencers of their children (even teenagers!!). We desire to come alongside parents in caring not only for their child but their whole family. In hopes of connecting with your family I am inviting myself over for dinner. The hope is to build good communication and support as we learn about one another so we can best partner in the discipleship of your students. Feel free to text me, Meagan Bergem (5599163470), to set up a time.

Making sure things are clearly communicated is an important part of ministry. Events are announced during Bible Studies followed with a postcard in the mail. You will find details about events on the Upcoming Events tab above. There is also a private Facebook group where photos and information can be found. The parent emails through MyFPC include important dates and details as well. If you need assistance with signing up on MyFPC click here. We are partners with you in discipling your children and hope to provide you with support so you are better able to build your new adolescent child into a faithful believer in Christ. 

Meet the Youth Leadership Team: 

Ani Abajian, Anthony Sidney*, Ben Wiele, Robbie Ellis, Diane Vaccaro*, Lisa Tauszik Katherine Radke, and Koby Johns* (*not pictured)


Gathering Times

Check us out on our Instagram page for live get togethers for lessons, fellowship and encouragement!  IGNITE Instagram   You can follow us and stay up to date on our Facebook page as well! IGNITE Facebook

Wednesday Nights

Youth Group is officially reformatted!

Our Wednesday nights will be a hybrid offering to be able to reach out to the families that are and are not comfortable with having their students gather in person.

We will have a video of the lesson uploaded around 5pm on our instagram. As well as a Zoom call at 8pm based breakout session for students that wish to further the conversation about what they watched, read, and heard that evening.

In person we will be meeting in the Ignite Room at 6:30PM-8PM for the lesson.  We ask that all students please wear a mask and practice safe social distancing from one another. 

Sunday Mornings

D-groups are continuing to meet, these are in a format and at a specific time that each group decides is best. Therefore Ani, Diane, and Kathrine our girl leaders along with Anthony, Robbie, Koby, & Ben leading our guy leaders will specifically reach out to each of your teens to make sure they are invited to their D-group meeting. If you are new with us or your not sure of your teens D-group, email Meagan and she will be happy to help you connect. 

The D-groups will meet by grade and gender.  Each group is currently meeting at different locations and at different times.





Annually Complete Registration & Medical Release Form 

Click the above link to complete our annual permission slip form. This form is required for students to participate in all CE (Children & Youth) events during the year (June 2018 to May 2019).  We need one per student. It automatically submits to our office. 

Camps & Events Scholarship Application

Click the above to apply for a Scholarship to assist in attending one of our Christian Education activities. First Presbyterian Church is committed to the spiritual growth and support of those who desire to participate. Please use this form to request financial assistance for your student(s) to participate in activities that incur costs such as camps or retreats. It automatically submits to our office.

*Camp Sibling Discounts: We offer a multi-sibling discount to families with multiple students who plan to attend FPC sponsored camps.

The discount goes as follows:

2 Students ($50 per family off the total cost)
Each additional Student ($50 off the total cost)
Example: A family has a 4th grade student and a 7th grade student both going to summer camp the family will receive $50 off the total cost. 

Student Leadership IGNITE Application

Use this form to apply for a student leader position within Jr. High Ministry. We believe that Jr. High students are the next generation of leaders, who have gifts that can be used today! Student leaders will be invested into for one school year, with the expectation that they will assume a deeper ownership of the youth group culture and ministry.

Youth Leaders Application

Use this form to begin the process of becoming a volunteer ministry leader with our Ignite youth group. The overall goal of our student ministry program is to create an atmosphere in which every student may be touched in a very real and relevant way with the message of Jesus Christ. Our program will strive to create fresh, exciting, and personal presentations of the Gospel, and work to disciple every student. We believe this happens by partnering with a team of volunteers who minister to Jr. High students alongside the Ministry Director and parents. 



Special Events

IGNITE Discord Server! When: Anytime! What: Text, talk or play games. Click Here for Link Text or call Ani for more info  

Cafe Bonfire: Join us Tuesday-Friday 3-6pm in the Underground (Rooted Room) for a place away from home with snacks, AC, & wifi to do your homework.  We ask all that attend to please wear a mask and practice social distancing! 








We can't wait to kick off youth group this fall as we dive into Isaiah! Join us at FPC or online

We will have online videos uploaded at 5PM for our students at home, as well as a Zoom breakout session at 8pm for those wishing to further the discussion of what they read and watched!