FPC Symposium: A Church That Heals

Fellowship Hall @ FPC

Saturday, February 23, 2019 - 4:00pm-6:00pm (ended)

Pastor Jeremy described the process leading up to and purpose for this Symposium at our Annual Meeting. 

   When I came to FPC Fresno a little over six years ago, I knew one of the things the Lord wanted to do here was a work of healing. A work of healing from the traumas and the hurts that have been experienced in this congregation over the last three decades. I believed then, and I still believe, that God wants this congregation to be a church that heals in such a way that our healing can become a resource for the healing that needs to happen in our community.  I confess to you that I was no expert in this kind of work; I didn’t know what it would take, but I just had a conviction that this could be a congregation that could demonstrate to the world that in Christ there is healing and hope in the hardest of hurts and most tragic of traumas.

   What I didn’t expect is that we would have more hurt and more trauma together over these last six years impacting pockets of our church family in very significant ways. It was in light of that, though, that our Session courageously decided this last year that it was time to take some very intentional steps to increase our competency in recovering from hurt and trauma together.

   We want to update you on what we’re doing, and what we’ve learned, and how we’re growing, and how we want to continue to pursue wholeness together in 2019. So we’ve scheduled a very important Symposium that I hope all of you will consider being a part of.

Will you join us as we strive to increase our compenetency in recovering from hurt and trauma together? 4-6pm SATURDAY, February 23 in our Fellowship Hall.

Childcare available by prior request