Invest an hour in your spiritual growth 9:40 each Sunday morning. Choose from among the options below.

Bible Study: The Book of John

August 26 - December 23*: The Corner
With The Cadre of Retired Pastors

Join our retired Presbyterian pastors as they continue an in-depth study of the book of John. Consisting of teaching, personal study, discussion and application of God’s Word, this class will be led by a different retired pastor each week. Bring your Bible and questions.

*Will join First Pres Forum in The Fellowship Hall on October 21.

5 Questions the World is Asking

August 26 - September 16: The Commons
With Various Teachers

Why do bad things happen to good people? Are the scriptures entirely true? These questions and more will be covered during this engaging class as we wrestle with difficult questions and issues.

Discipleship Group Primer

September 9 - December 16: The Fellowship Hall
With Various Teachers

All of us want to grow in Christ with others, but finding the time can be very difficult. This class aims to eliminate that stress by offering Discipleship Groups for men and women during the Adult Education hour. (Parents remember there is child and youth programing for kids 0-18.) Invest in your spiritual life through a small group setting.


September 23 - October 14: The Commons
Facilitated by Jamie Franklin

Together we will engage in Christian dialogue, holding news stories in one hand while holding our Bible in another.

Exploring Membership @ FPC

October 14 - November 18*: The Hub
With Rev. Jeremy Vaccaro

We believe church membership is an important step in a lifelong process of growing as a disciple of Jesus. Membership means participating in what God is doing among this community of faith: worshiping, growing, and serving others, all for God’s glory. Explore membership and the faith, purpose and foundations of our church.

(Note: Also offered in a two-week format the afternoons of Oct 21 & Nov 4.)

*Will join the First Pres Forum in The Fellowship Hall on October 21.

First Pres Forum

October 21: The Fellowship Hall
With Pastors Jeremy Vaccaro

Pastor Jeremy will be sharing about new opportunities for us as a church to grow in our mission of “Engaging together in Christ’s work of making disciples for the redeeming transformation of our city and world.”

Gospel Fluency

October 28 - November 18: The Commons
With Various Teachers

Learn to fluently speak the Truths of Christ into the everyday stuff of life as you are transformed by the Gospel. Gain with others the ever-increasing fruit of the Spirit in your life. (See Galatians 5)

Prophecies Fulfilled

November 25-December 16: The Commons
Dr.Steve Varvis

The prophets wrote of the coming Messiah hundreds of years before Jesus came to earth. In this four week series, we will engage Old Testament prophecies of the coming Messiah and how they were fulfilled in Jesus.