Dear First Pres,

  Sunday was an important day for many of our church families, including my own. I hope you were encouraged by the twelve students who stood up to confess their faith in Christ and become members of our church. What a blessing it was to see and hear those young people - some who've been part of FPC their entire lives, and others more recently - express their desire to be an active part of God's work in and through First Pres. I encourage you, as you see those young people on our campus, at Community Group, or around town, tell them how it made you feel to witness their profession of faith. Let them know that their testimony of choosing to become members of the church impacted you. As you do, it'll be another example to them of how their growth in Christ makes an impact on others.
   On a personal note (and on behalf of all the parents of Sunday'sConfirmation class), thank you so much for being the kind of church my kids want to join. After Sunday's service I tried to connect with as many of our youth ministry leaders as I could to express my gratitude for their part in helping my kids follow Christ. Those youth ministry leaders added to the work that had already been done by Sunday School teachers, Wednesday Night leaders, camp counselors, summer staffers, and countless loving adults in our congregation. Thank you. For me, the church in Gig Harbor will always be the community in which my kids were baptized. But First Presbyterian Church Fresno will always be the community in which they stood and made their own profession of faith in Christ Jesus. So, I praise God for you.
   Our dream for the young people of our church is that they will increasingly love Christ and His Church for the rest of their lives. That's why we took the time we did on Sunday to celebrate what those twelve students were doing. And, that's one of the reasons why the Session (our Church leadership board) has given a lot of thought and prayer to our college ministry over the last several months. I look forward to sharing with you in the coming weeks about the faith-filled decisions your Session has made in this area.


P.S. Read more about the Confirmation Class from High School Ministry Director, Beth Paz on our website.