January 22, 2015

Dear First Pres,

     You might find it odd, but I love our annual congregational meeting.  I love getting the chance to celebrate God’s faithfulness.  I love getting the chance to talk together about what’s happening in the coming year.  I love creating space for a dialogue with the congregation about the future of our church.  

January 15, 2015

Dear First Pres,

     It was very moving for me on Sunday morning to see so many of you come forward to remember your baptisms with thanksgiving and resolve. I know that this time of remembrance is a bit of new thing around FPC, so I’m grateful for your willing participation.  My own baptism seems so long ago; it is an incredible blessing to me to experience the physical reminder that I belong to Christ as the New Year begins.  I pray it was and is for you. 

December 23, 2014

Dear First Pres,

     Merry Christmas!  I can hardly wait to announce those words to all who are gathered here on Wednesday night. Remember, we have services at 4, 5:30, and 7. Each one is a little different, so read the details below to choose what is best for you. Then, please come. Let's join in giving our praise to God for the incredible gift of His birth; let's celebrate that there is joy to the world because of Christ.

December 18, 2014

Dear First Pres,

     This past Sunday we honored Susan Glover for her 26 years of faithful and effective service. She is retiring from her role as Business Manager, but will continue in a part-time capacity as one of our chaplains. Thanks so much for the many of you who were able to personally offer your gratitude & congratulations
to Susan during our education hour celebration. If you weren't there, I encourage you to send a note or card to Susan to express your thanks.

December 4, 2014

Dear First Pres,

Did you survive Black Friday and Cyber Monday?  We did; and yesterday, the first Christmas present showed up under the tree.  Still, Diane, our Christmas Shopping Executive, is hard at work to make sure we’re covering everyone on our list. And I’m cheering her on (so are the kids).


Engaging together in Christ's work of making disciples for the redeeming transformation of our city and world.

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