June 18, 2015

Dear First Pres,

Remember a few weeks ago during worship, when I said, “If everything goes perfectly we’ll have air conditioning in the Sanctuary on June 14”? Obviously, everything didn’t go perfectly according to plan. Yet, you were champions and made the best of our worship setting in the Fellowship Hall. Thanks for that. That “can do” attitude made a world of difference during these last few weeks.

June 11, 2015

Dear First Pres,

I’m so grateful for the way that folks made the most of our worship in the Fellowship Hall on Sunday. It was downright fun. Thank you to those who worked so hard during the week to get the room ready for our worship services.  Thank you to our ushers, Link Crew, and worship crew for facilitating such a smooth morning.  And thank you congregation for joyfully worshipping the Lord in an uncommon space.

April 30, 2015

Dear First Pres,

I walked over to the Fulton Mall for lunch today. Every Thursday there are several food trucks that show up to enhance the cuisine options. It’s always a hopping environment. Today I saw several FPCers enjoying the urban fare. But I noticed something as I walked to and from lunch: it’s getting hot!  Summer is coming.

I know this isn’t news to you, but it does raise some important news for FPC Fresno. Let me give it to you in bullet point form.