Dear First Pres,

 I took a walk today during the lunch hour and it was windy. It reminded me of my college days in Nebraska where it always seemed to be windy. But here, in the Valley, a windy day seems rare. It got me thinking about my favorite Keith Green song, "Rushing Wind." Have you heard it? Keith sings, "Rushing wind blow through this temple, blowing out the dust within. Come and breathe your breath upon me; I've been born again."

     I believe that the Holy Spirit is blowing in us. This Sunday we'll be receiving 15 new members to our church who are excited about what the Lord is doing among us and desire to be part of it in a deeper way. Praise God! One of those is Andrew, who came to faith in Christ while sitting in our pews one Sunday morning. He'll be baptized during the second service. Praise God! Also, two of our children will be baptized (Will and Alec). Praise God! Plus, on Sunday evening I sat with members of our Community Group and heard story after story of the way that God was using FPCers to reach out to neighbors, family members, and workmates with the love of Christ. Praise God! And yesterday morning I sat with the church staff as they shared story after story of the encouraging things they see happening in and through our congregation. Praise God! The Holy Spirit is at work among us, friends. What a gift that is!

     So there I was, enjoying the fresh air, having my own worship moment with the Lord while humming my favorite Keith Green song and thanking the Lord for the way He is blowing through us, when suddenly a big piece of that Valley dust went right into my eye. My worshipful moment was ruined, but my walk wasn't. Today you may feel like you're getting smacked in the eye with a big piece of dust (or some other unpleasant thing), but don't let that distort your perspective on what is really happening. The Holy Spirit wind is blowing. May He blow the dust out from within that we may be full of His Life.


P.S. Yesterday, God took a long-time FPC member to her eternal home with Jesus: Marian Griffin. God used Marian in great ways. Now she is enjoying her reward in full. May we remember these precious words of Jesus in these days: "Blessed are those who mourn, for they will be comforted."