Dear First Pres,

   "Chainsaws" and "powerful worship" ... these were just a few of the highlights I heard from my own kids about this year's Jr. High (Ignite) and High School (Rooted) Spring Break experiences. This Sunday we'll all have a chance to hear about what God did during Spring Break in and through our youth.

   When I think about my youth group experience, Spring Break trips played a significant role in my Christian growth. It was on a Spring Break trip that I first had the privilege of helping another person become a child of God through faith in Christ. It was on a Spring Break trip that I found a passion for the worldwide mission of God. It was on a Spring Break trip that I realized my call into vocational ministry. That's part of the reason Diane and I love sending our kids to participate in FPC's Spring Break experiences.

   We're going to be taking a few minutes in worship this week to hear from some of our students about their experiences. I know you'll be encouraged by their testimonies. We will also be continuing in our sermon series called Living Hope: A Study of 1 Peter. Our focus this week will be on one of the most well known passages from this wonderful little letter: 1 Peter 2:1-12. So, friends, I encourage you, don't miss our worship services this weekend. I believe you will be blessed as we encounter God together.



P.S. Do you remember when I asked you to join me in memorizing 1 Peter 1:3-12? Even if you don't remember, I hope you'll start working on it. Wow, have I been encouraged by meditating on these powerful words!