Dear First Pres,

It’s been such a joy this week to have both Beth Paz (our new high school ministry director) and Chris Popadich (our soon to be Assistant Pastor of Community Growth) in the church office. We’d anticipated the Lord’s provision in these positions for many months. I’m so glad the wait is over.  But, Beth and Chris aren’t the only new faces on the staff. This last week we also added Julie Goodale as our Nursery Assistant and Whitney Aguilar as our Preschool Ministry Coordinator. These are both part-time positions without a lot of hours, but they make a big impact in our hospitality and ministry to young families.

                As I’ve experienced the energy that these new staff folks are bringing to our team, I’m reminded of something very important. I’m reminded that we wouldn’t have been able to have these folks without your generous giving. A year ago, when we first decided to add the new Assistant Pastor position, we weren’t receiving enough tithes and offerings to handle the increased expenses. Still, we believed the Lord was leading us in this direction and that He would provide the resources we needed. So, obviously, we moved ahead. There wasn’t much of a change in the first five months of the year. Honestly, I was getting nervous. Then, by God’s grace, in June, things shifted. Our monthly giving increased. And, since then, we have continued giving at that same level. Praise God!

                Church, I am so grateful. Thank you for your financial participation in the mission of your church. Thank you for trusting our Session to be good stewards of the resources God has given us. Thank you for your generosity. I believe God will use it to advance His Kingdom.

In this season, when we celebrate God’s greatest gift to us, may you find great joy in giving to the His work.