Dear First Pres,

     Last summer we had our first Sneaker Sunday. It was the day before the school year was starting for Fresno Unified School District. So, after worship, many of us dispersed all over Fresno and Clovis to pray for our schools. This summer we have scheduled three Sneaker Sundays. The first was on July 3. We called it Love Our Neighborhood. We sent out small teams of folks into our immediate neighborhood to pick up trash, pray, and encourage our neighbors. If you haven't heard much about it, please read the brief article on our website.
     Our second Sneaker Sunday is coming up this Sunday, July 31. We're calling it Love Our Church. Here's the plan: after worship we'll deploy teams all over our church campus for cleaning, maintenance, and improvement. Most jobs won't require any particular expertise. And many jobs will be in the coolness of our buildings. It won't take long - our plan is to be done by 11:30 (just like our summer Education Hour). But, it will be a great opportunity for us to steward together the incredible facility that God has given us.
     Will you plan to stick around to help care for our facility? I hope so. Yes, it'll be warm. So, come ready for the heat. We'll have lots of cold water for everyone. You can even bring your own water bottle. And, remember, we'll have plenty of indoor jobs. Finally, we call them Sneaker Sundays because we want you to feel free to dress appropriately for the chores at hand. So, leave the tie at home, put on some comfortable shoes, and come ready to show your love for our facility.


P.S. The third Sneakers Sunday will be August 14. Our plan is to deploy teams all over our community to pray for our schools. Please do plan to participate.