Dear First Pres,

    It's time to be a host again. This year we've been host to many events on our church campus. It hasn't always been easy; there's always a lot of behind the scenes work to prepare. Still, it's an important part of living out our core value of transformational partnership.  We want to be a church that is partnering with what God is doing in our city while stewarding well the resources that He has given us. Our campus, our large parking lot, our meeting rooms, these are all resources that God calls us to steward for His glory. Hosting city-wide events is part of that.
   Now it's time to be a host again. Next week, we are hosting the EPC Presbytery of the Pacific. Folks will be coming in from San Diego, Fairbanks (yes, Alaska), Reno, Oregon City, Wenatchee, Berkley, Boise and a number of other locations across our Pacific region. They'll be here from Thursday(5/18) through Saturday doing the business of the presbytery. (If you don't know, the presbytery is our regional body of churches in the EPC.) One element of that business will be to receive Meagan Bergem, our Director of Junior High Ministries, as a Candidate under care of our presbytery. (That'll be at about 4 p.m. on Friday.) Another part of our business will be to worship together. Please come and join us at 7 p.m. on Friday night, 5/19, for our Communion service.
   It's going to be great ... especially since so many of you have stepped up to help make it happen. Some have opened their homes, others are planning, preparing and serving meals, some will come to greet and guide our guests, others are providing child care. You can still jump in and be a part of our hosting team. Just contact ruling elder Shiela Skibbie, who is coordinating our efforts.
   Finally, Sunday is an even more immanent opportunity to be a host. Did you know that Mother's Day is one of our most attended Sundays of the year? (Loses out to Easter, but that's about it.) That means there will likely be some folks visiting our worship services this Sunday. Will you be a part of helping them feel welcome among us? Perhaps introduce them to a few of your friends, show them where they can get coffee and make sure they get a visitor gift bag. Thanks.