Dear First Pres,

    Every once in a while something comes up in the church that needs some special communication. This Sunday is one of those moments. That's why we're interrupting our regularly scheduled programming during the Education Hour to have a First Pres Forum. The Forum will be held in the Fellowship Hall from 9:40 - 10:40 a.m.  So, if you're not leading or participating in Kingdom Kids, Ignite, Rooted, Chancel Choir, Worship Band, or Link Crew, I encourage you to join us for this important time.
   Why all the fuss? We have an important new strategic initiative in our church that we want everyone to know about. Not only do we want you to know about it, we want you to hear some of the stories that are coming out of our first efforts. I believe you will be encouraged by what you hear, and I hope you'll be inspired as well.
   So, FPCers, will you please join us? Even if you don't normally come during the Education Hour, would you please consider being here on Sunday?
   We also have some very special guests joining us in worship. So ... between worship and the education hour, I believe this is going to be a very encouraging Sunday. I hope you can be here.
   In the meantime, remember that Jesus came to give you rest for your souls. Whatever your life is like right now, I pray that you will experience His rest for you.

P.S. For all you incredible folks who are volunteering during the Education Hour and won't be able to attend the First Pres Forum, please know that I am grateful for you. Pastor Chris and I are working to provide a way for you to get the most important information from the Forum. So, be looking for that in the coming days.